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Heritage Fencing manufactures and installs quality, custom-designed fences in genuine hardwood. Available styles include Picket, Balustrade, Timber framed Mini-Flute or Deep 21 & Woven Wire fences. The style and scale of the fence are carefully selected to compliment your home - whether you have an 1850's cottage, Late Victorian Villa, Edwardian house, Californian Bungalow, Tudor or a Contemporary home we have the appropriate and authentic style to add character and value.

Heritage Fencing has been in business in South Australia for over 30 years. Our work is supported by Heritage Architects and many Heritage Streetscape Subsidy programs of local Councils.

Heritage has a unique quoting system that is straightforward and accurate. All we require is the street address and email. We can advise suggestions on style and form appropriate to your frontage and the lay of the land. Only simple measurements are needed to provide a comprehensive customised quotation.

All work is guaranteed for one year to see you through the full cycle of four seasons. Heritage is a fully licensed & fully insured business using our own qualified Carpenters on all installations.

We charge only for the job itself. There are no administrative costs. All quotes are individually designed, and broken down to the sum of their parts, there is no standard per metre rates as there is no standard fence. We source our timber direct from the mills and we have an active policy of cutting out the middle men. Our mark up on material is very modest.

It is critical that people see previously built work in order to make judgement on the suitability of either a product or a provider. Many providers just pull product off a rack, whereas all our work is custom shaped and designed for every job.

Heritage Fencing is dedicated to, and motivated by, sympathetic and era-appropriate fencing design.

Authentic Designs in Genuine Hardwood

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